About Us

About Us

How does XactCrete work?

We'll bring our volumetric concrete mixers to any homeowner, GC, remodeler, landscaper, etc.

If you need concrete in the Charlotte region, XactCrete of Charlotte is ready to serve you.

Our MOBILE BATCH PLANTS will pull up to your location and mix Xactly the type and amount of concrete you need. Not sure exactly how much you'll use? We can help, just give us a call at 980-800-9228 and we'll help estimate with you.

If you need to change your delivery time because of weather, laborers laying out, or a failed inspection... whatever the reason... just let us know at least one hour before we dispatch your XactCrete driver, and we can reschedule at no extra cost to you.

If you're pouring a driveway, patio, sidewalk or curb... if you're laying a slab for a home, garage or shed...pouring a basketball or pickleball court...if you're filling post holes...if you're doing any project with concrete...

call XactCrete 980-800-XACT (9228).

How XactCrete is Different

How XactCrete is Different

  • Our concrete is always fresh, since it is mixed onsite in our "mobile batch plants."
  • We don't have stupid fees.
  • Most of our trucks are the most technologically advanced volumetric trucks on the market.
  • We don't waste; our truck stops making concrete when you're done.
  • Trucks are equipped with lights for night deliveries.

Call XactCrete today at 980-800-XACT (9228).

What XactCrete Offers

What XactCrete Offers

Our volumetric concrete mixer trucks will mix fresh concrete on site to your Xact specifications.

Stop worrying about your already-mixed concrete.

At XactCrete, we make it easy and worry-free to get the fresh concrete you need.

  • PSI from 3000 to 5000
  • Flowable fill / block fill
  • Pump mix
  • Stamp mix
  • Add accelerator, fiber, air entrainment, plasticizers and water reducers
  • Standby time for additional fee (making concrete as you need it)

If you have a project coming up outside of these mix designs, give us a call.
Call XactCrete today at 980-800-XACT (9228).

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Why Choose XactCrete over Ready-Mix Concrete?

Control the Timing

We don't have to open a whole batch plant to give you concrete after hours; XactCrete is affordable 24/7 because delivery only requires one driver/ operator.

Environmentally Friendly

There's no waste with Xactcrete, and our truck doesn't have to use fuel to go back to the yard between each delivery. There's also less wash out, so we use less water.

Good for Hard-to-Reach and Remote Locations

XactCrete is ideal for hard-to-reach sites because we keep mixing it fresh on-site. If you have to haul wheelbarrows far from the truck, your concrete will still be fresher than what the drum mixers bring.

Eliminate Shortages and Overages

Worries about overages and shortages are eliminated because we make the Xact amount of concrete you need.

Make Adjustments

We can change a mix design quickly and efficiently. Change water, fiber, air, slump, or PSI on site.